Virtual CIO

A virtual IT director to drive innovation in your business to make the most of existing and emerging technologies.

Virtual IT Director / CIO

The IT director or "Chief Information Office" is a key role in any large organisation. Typically they drive strategy, planning, documentation, as well as policy around IT and technology supporting the overall business. This role can be hard to fill, and in a smaller company may well be non-existant.

With Freethought acting as a virtual CIO we will periodically audit your business to identify key areas of your business and areas for improvement and innovation. We will then document, improve, and drive those areas for you without the expense of an actual executive level employee. For smaller companies this is perfect as it means you get the expertise of a corporate level executive specialising in innovation and IT, without the expense.

The vCIO process

Being the vCIO for your business is an iterative process, the world of technology is constantly changing with new technology and opportunities constantly arrising. Not to mention new threats and risk constantly rearing their heads.

Each iteration we review where your business is currently, take on board your strengths and opportunities, and then put a recommendation together around those. Once that is done we break down the design into bite sized streams for your teams to implement, once that is done we then transition to providing day-to-day support for those new processes. Finally, we repeat the process again.

If you are interested in having a technology and IT expert help drive your business to success through effective harnassing of new technology and opportunities for an affordable monthly fee then get in touch today to find out more.

IT support

In addition to helping your business make the most of technology and emerging opportunities. Our IT support can also extend to each and every member of your team with a range of comprehensive desktop support options so you never have to worry about IT again.

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