Server support

Pro-active monitoring and maintenance of your physical or virtual, on or off premise server infrastructure.

Keeping your servers available

If your business has server infrastructure of any kind, even if it's just a single mystery box in a corner that you know is important, then you know they are critical to any business. With our server support we will identify, support, maintain, and secure your servers whilst providing pro-active monitoring for faults so they can be fixed before they impact your business operations.

Pro-active monitoring

Included with all server support contracts is pro-active monitoring so that we can be alerted the second any problem occurs. This is much more than a simple "ping" to check it's online. We will identify what applications are running on your servers and monitor those so it isn't just that your server is on, it's genuinely working. We'll also monitor the overall health of the server such as CPU and memory, disk usage, even temperature to make sure your servers are in perfect health all of the time.

Even a few minutes, let alones days, with key servers offline could cost your business significantly either indirectly through lost productivity or directly if that server processes your sales or invoicing. Knowing your servers are monitored means we can be alerted of even tiny problems before they become big ones, and fix them for you.

Off-site backup

Keeping the server online, up to date, monitored is one thing but if the worst happens and there is a hardware failure we can't fix, or an accidental deletion of data, or a disaster such as a fire then backup is crucial. Included with all our desktop and server support packages is an advanced backup solution which will backup all your critical data to our data centres where it is protected and secure should you need it. All you pay for is the storage space used with 100GB included for free as standard.

What's included?

Our server support packages are comprehensive and feature everything you need to be completely assured that your servers are protected and managed.

  • Direct access to our helpdesk for all your staff to log IT support queries directly with Freethought.
  • Routine configuration such as share creation, user administration etc.
  • Pro-active monitoring of your server and applications to ensure availability.
  • Installation of software and updates to ensure servers are always patched and secure.
  • 100GB of off-site backup of your critical server data.
  • Advanced threat protection to detect and prevent threats to your business and data such as viruses, malware, and ransomware.

Freethought holds ISO 9001 and 27001 certification for quality management and information security.

IT support

Our outstanding server support can also extend to each and every member of your team with a range of comprehensive desktop support options so you never have to worry about IT again.

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