Remote working

Expert advice on guidance on facilitating your staff working from home productively and securely

BYOO: "Bring your own office"

With the ever increasing speed of home internet connections and the advent of cloud based software the potential for staff to work from home is greater than ever. Staff can now do all the same work they could before from the comfort of their own homes utilising cloud applications, video conferencing, and team collaboration software such as Slack and Microsoft Teams to do all the same work they would have done in a traditional office based setup.

Working from home does come with some key considerations though. How will staff access key applications and data? Importantly, how can staff access this data securely without risking it falling into the wrong hands. In recent years it has been a case of securing staff own devices in so called "Bring your own device" agreements, but now staff are bringing their own office entirely and their own network and hardware all of which now need supporting and securing. Plus business owners need to know their staff are productive, accountable, and secure.

Free expert guidance

It can seem overwhelming but we can simplify it for you and help develop a home working plan that works for your team and your business. By evaluating what the needs of your business are, versus the capability of your existing systems to be accessed remotely we can facilitate your staff working effectively from home.

Freethought will complete a free complete audit of your business and existing remote working arrangements and get a handle on the whole picture for you. We will then provide a comprehensive report with recommendations for improvement, and suggestions on what services we can offer your business to improve productivity, accountability, collaboration, and data integrity and security.

IT support

If you have staff working remotely then our IT support is perfect for you. We cna provide end user support with pro-active remote support and threat mitigation to your distributed workforce so you know that your employees home IT is not going to hinder your business.

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