Network & Wi-Fi

State-of-the-art cloud managed networking for perfect Wi-Fi and no bottlenecks.

Keep your users happy

Offices (and homes) across the country are invariably punctuated by the occasional cry about the Wi-Fi being slow, or signal not reaching to a far flung meeting room or break out space.

Network equipment and maintenance is all too often overlooked, but ultimately having expensive perfectly maintained desktop computers and high speed internet count for nothing if the equipment connecting one to the other, your network, is poorly maintained or ill equipped for the job.

Freethought can provide your business with state-of-the-art fully managed network equipment that is designed for your requirements precisely so there are no more bottlenecks, or signal black spots, and maximum throughput to the internet.

Peace of mind, no upfront cost.

When Freethought manage your network we will replace all your network hardware with our own that we will install, support, and maintain for you. Unlike upgrading your network yourself, there is no capital outlay with our networking. Freethought will supply all the hardware you need for one simple set monthly fee per device required. You won't be charged a management fee, just a set fee per piece of network equipment, monitoring and maintenance is included with the cost of the hardware. Plus, because you don't own the hardware we warranty it for duration of your contract. For as long as we manage your network we warranty the hardware, if anything fails we'll replace it right away free of charge. Complete peace of mind from start to finish with your networking.

Secure by default

Any network must be secure against attack. Networks installed and managed by Freethought have security design at their heart, we ensure that as standard networks are hardened against attack including intrusion detection and prevention, hardware firewall, and pro-active monitoring.

Over a decade of experience

Managing networks is what we do, our parent company Freethought Internet operate a national 10Gbps network hosting thousands of customers across multiple data centres. Beyond our own network we have installed networks from residential settings, to factories, and entire business parks with fibre optic broadband. Whatever the network requirement you can be assured that Freethought can deliver a network you and your business can depend on.

What's included?

Fully managed networking from Freethought includes the following as standard:

  • Fully cloud managed network hardware.
  • Fully warrantied against hardware failure for the life of the service.
  • Pro-active monitoring of your network for performance issues, failures, and attack.
  • 802.11ac gigabit Wi-Fi with artificial intelligence learning.
  • No upfront costs (excluding install) with one set fee per device including management.

Fibre optic leased lines

Don't let internet bandwidth hold back your business, our fully optical leased lines give guaranteed bandwidth with speeds of 10Gbps and beyond with a 99.99% SLA

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